How can I host a screening of “First Contact”?


You can host a screening of “First Contact” in your home, your local theater, a church or any other community venue. You may charge for tickets, ask for a donation or show the film for free. It’s your choice, but the basic fee must be paid even if you don’t charge for your screening.


How much does it cost?


To host a  ONE TIME SCREENING  of the film requires payment of the following fees in US dollars in order to be authorized.     •SUBSEQUANT SCREENINGS REQUIRE ADDITONAL FEES   

Up to 50 people:      $100   (plus a 50/50 split of any ticket sales)

51 to 100 people:    $200   (plus a 50/50 split of any ticket sales)

101 to 200 people: $300   (plus a 50/50 split of any ticket sales)

201 to 300 people: $400   (plus a 50/50 split of any ticket sales)

301 to 400 people: $500   (plus a 50/50 split of any ticket sales)

Above 400 people: Please contact Zia Films at


What are the steps?


• Please send an email to Zia Films at with your name, email, phone number and mailing address along with the city where the screening will take place, type of venue, address, number of people expected, ticket price and the date and time of your desired screening. Please put “Hosting” in the subject line.


• Once you receive a response from Zia Films confirming your screening date, please open a PayPal account (if you don’t already have one). You will then receive an email from PayPal/First Contact ( requesting money from you. Pay the appropriate fee based on expected attendance.


• Zia Films will then email you a pdf of the official poster and an HD DVD of the film for your screening, which you may keep. To ensure that you receive the DVD in time, your screening should be no less than one month from the date of your request. 


• After the screening, and before your audience leaves the venue, you must announce and/or prominently display that the film is available for sale at either or


• After your single screening has concluded, please send 50% of your screening income (if you charged admission or received donations) to the First Contact PayPal account. Zia Films is not responsible if attendance is less than you stated and paid for. Fees will not be refunded. If attendance is greater than you initially stated and falls into a higher fee category, you must pay the difference in addition your 50% of income.


Thank you for choosing to screen “First Contact” in your community!